Abstract Pomegranate

Known as one of the oldest and most intriguing fruits, with numerous health benefits, a tangy flavor, and a distinctive shape, I couldn’t resist adding another painting of this remarkable […]

Nurse Marta – Tribute to our nurses during COVID-19

In honor of all my women nurses out who stood fast helping those in need, the inspiration of a special painting was born in honor of all the nurses who […]

Homenaje Acrylic Paint

Homenaje is a triue to our very own Salvadorean artist @fernandollort who brought in the iconic folk Salvadorean art which is very distinctive style of abstract, linear an geometric look. […]

Acrylic Art – Flower Based

Acrylic Painting with negative space technique. Abstract Flower Base

Creative Design Website

WordPress site. Creative Design Portfolio Website

Civil Engineering Contracting Services Website

Website design RZ Website Design Link

Travel Magazine onboarding Prototype – XD

Design of a Travel Magazine and their new onboarding process for mobile devices, design done in XD. Link to Vimeo Prototype

TalentEI Case Study

Case Study Link

Westgate Resort Desktop Blog Designs

As a Senior Digital Designer, I played a key role in revamping our expanding blog, particularly since well-crafted blogs are a significant asset in the hospitality industry for both businesses […]

Westgate Resort Desktop and Mobile Room Comparison

WG aimed to enhance user experience by enabling users to select and compare different rooms, facilitating their search for the ideal accommodation. I took charge of designing, wireframing, and creating […]