Travel Magazine onboarding Prototype – XD

Design of a Travel Magazine and their new onboarding process for mobile devices, design done in XD. Link to Vimeo Prototype

TalentEI Case Study

Case Study Link

Westgate Resort Desktop Blog Designs

As a Senior Digital Designer, I played a key role in revamping our expanding blog, particularly since well-crafted blogs are a significant asset in the hospitality industry for both businesses […]

Westgate Resort Desktop and Mobile Room Comparison

WG aimed to enhance user experience by enabling users to select and compare different rooms, facilitating their search for the ideal accommodation. I took charge of designing, wireframing, and creating […]

TalentEi Mobile Design User Survey Prototype in XD with Save Draft CTA addition

Since one of the pain-points and high drop off rates that the company faced in the requirement for candiates to finish the survey due to been to long or not […]

Mobile Candidate Login Screen Flow

During my time at TalentEi, I took the opportunity to lead a crucial, necessary and thrilling project: The implementation of a responsive mobile experience for the candidate website. Given that […]

Candidate Survey Storyboard

Candidates are confronted with nine surveys to complete as part of the job submission process, corresponding to the nine different job categories available. These surveys enable the company to match […]