Candidates are confronted with nine surveys to complete as part of the job submission process, corresponding to the nine different job categories available. These surveys enable the company to match candidates with potential job opportunities they may not be aware of, as the system identifies them as suitable candidates. This enhances hiring rates and accelerates the filling of job openings.

However, a significant challenge with these surveys is their length and the absence of a save feature for candidates. After assessing the product, engaging with key stakeholders, and analyzing user feedback data, I identified an opportunity to address this issue. Introducing a “Save Draft” option allows candidates to preserve their progress in case they need to pause for any reason.

Additionally, I proposed implementing a more guided process to inform candidates about their progress through a progress bar. This addition provides candidates with timely feedback on their survey completion status, thereby reducing drop-off rates and improving user retention on the site.
Link to Miro Candidate Survey